Welcome from the Pastor

In the Spirit of our Parish Mission Statement that calls us to be a welcoming parish, as Pastor of Christ the King Parish, I welcome you to our new Parish Web-site. It is intended to provide general information about the parish, the sacraments, timely news concerning parish events and programs as well as ways to contact the parish directly. Besides a parish focus, it also provides easy access to information about the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Universal Church. There are also related links to websites that will inform and encourage your spiritual life, especially through the daily Scriptures. It is my hope that the new website will be a blessing for our parish—a blessing that will inform and inspire us along the way. Take advantage of the informational and inspirational opportunities it provides.

Parish News & Events


This weekend’s Masses will be a little different. The congregation at each Mass will be asked about the experience of the Papal Visit and the World Meeting of Families. In a certain sense, we’ll be looking for the “Francis effect”. What did it mean to you as Catholic? What did it mean for the Church of Philadelphia? What did it mean for the City of Philadelphia and for our country? Sunday just happens to be the feast of St Francis of Assisi, our Holy Father’s namesake and his inspiration for his encyclical on the environment. I’m sure we’ll get some interesting reflections.

Father Callahan is hopeful that the “Francis effect” won’t just be memories and pictures. What will it mean for us going forward? As every adult leaves Church this weekend, you’ll be given a CD called “Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic” . The signs it reports are Prayer, Spiritual Reading, Generosity and Evangelization. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy the presenter and his message. Listen to it—listen to it again—-pass it on. It’s my hope that it will make a difference for you and for us and continue our “Francis effect”