Mass Schedule and Attendance Policy

Christ the King Church Re-opening for mass
Weekend of Saturday June 6th & Sunday June 7th

Saturday mass—5 pm
Sunday masses —10 am (live) and Livestream on Facebook

  • Facemasks required (like all stores)
  • Hand sanitizers are available for your use at doors of church
  • Two doors only for entrance and exit
  • Main door back of church——door in front of church by parking lot
  • Greeters will direct you to appropriate pew
  • Seating in center sections of church only
  • See church seating chart
  • The line for communion will respect 6-foot social distancing rule
  • Approach for communion single file in center aisle only
  • Return by side aisle
  • Reception of communion will be by hand only
  • Respect 6-foot social distancing leaving church at end of mass

N.B. there’s still a dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday mass.
If you’re not comfortable coming to mass, join us at noon for Facebook mass

Weekday masses begin on Monday June 8th at 8 am

Welcome from the Pastor

In the Spirit of our Parish Mission Statement that calls us to be a welcoming parish, as Pastor of Christ the King Parish, I welcome you to our new Parish Web-site. It is intended to provide general information about the parish, the sacraments, timely news concerning parish events and programs as well as ways to contact the parish directly. Besides a parish focus, it also provides easy access to information about the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Universal Church. There are also related links to websites that will inform and encourage your spiritual life, especially through the daily Scriptures. It is my hope that the new website will be a blessing for our parish—a blessing that will inform and inspire us along the way. Take advantage of the informational and inspirational opportunities it provides.

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