Parish Stewardship

Our Parish Mission Statement calls us to be disciples and stewards. Our Discipleship and Stewardship go hand in hand. The stewardship of the disciple receives God’s gifts gratefully, nurtures them responsibly, shares them lovingly and returns them with increase to the Lord. Stewardship promotes the giving of time, talent and treasure.

In recent years, we’ve stressed tithing, a style of stewardship that deals with treasure that comes from our biblical tradition. Tithing is God’s plan for giving. Over the years many parishioners have prayerfully considered making it their plan for giving, too. It has been a blessing for the parish and also those who have given.

Each one of us has been gifted by God. Besides our gifts of treasure, each one of us has two other valuable gifts—the gift of time and the gift of talent. Time is a priceless period of opportunity  which we can use to fulfill our life’s potential or waste on useless pursuits. Talent is one or more different abilities that we can use to benefit one another. It is up to us to recognize and develop these talents.

For more than 50 years of our parish life, time and talent have been generously given by so many to the life of the parish. Like the treasure form of stewardship, time and talent are things we always need from our parishioners. Stewardship and discipleship involves the giving of time, talent and treasure. “What return shall I make to the Lord for what the Lord has given me.”

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